Friday, September 26, 2014

Favorite App Friday-TallyTots Counting

I am not one to buy paid apps. I'm a cheap-o that way.  But when my son was having trouble learning to count above ten, my friend who is a first-grade teacher told me about this app.  Her daughter is about 7 months younger than my son and was counting to 30.  She said it was nothing she was teaching her, she learned from the app!  I had to buy it.  Sure enough, within a week, my son was counting to 30.  It actually will help your child learn how to count to 100!  There is also a catchy tune, but fair warning, it will get stuck in your head!  Each number has a different counting game attached to it.  TallyTots Counting is only $2.99 and well worth every penny.
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The app is also available in the Amazon app store for the same price:

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