Sunday, February 8, 2015

What's Your Excuse?

The whole "What's Your Excuse?" thing started when Maria Kang posted a picture of herself in workout attire surrounded by her three young children. It bugged me then, it still bugs me now. Even moreso, I'm starting to see my "friends" on social media starting to use the #whatsyourexcuse hashtag. At first I couldn't pinpoint what exactly unnerved me about it. Was it because I have a million excuses? Was it because I wish I could find time to workout, but I really, truly can't? I really didn't think that was it. I finally brought it up to my husband. My husband does find time to workout. He goes to the gym about four times a week. So when I told him I was severely bothered by the whole #whatsyourexcuse movement, I wanted to know his opinion. Was I jealous of these friends? I told him I felt like it was an almost self-righteous statement. Like an "I'm better than you" sort of thing. He agreed. This coming from a same "friend" who posted the new commercial with all the moms judging each other's parenting and said "I'm sorry for judging my fellow moms." Really? Because I'm pretty sure every time you brag about getting up at 6am on a Saturday to work out with your trainer and say #whatsyourexcuse, you're judging. If we posted a picture of our nice car sitting in the driveway of our nice house with the hashtag #whatsyourexcuse it would be very distasteful, and something I would never dream of doing! Here's the deal. Even though you're asking, you don't care one bit about my excuses. I have a million of them, and a lot are very valid, but it doesn't matter. You're posting #whatsyourexcuse because you think you are better than me. You are judging me. Everyone comes from all walks of life and has different circumstances. Circumstances that you don't know about, and to be honest, are none of your business.  I workout whenever I can, whether I can sneak away 45 minutes to go to the gym, or do a 20 minute fitness video at home.  I don't feel the need to make a spectacle of myself every time I do so.  If you are a #whatsyourexcuse gal, good for you for working out and staying in shape!  I'm sure you feel good about yourself after every workout.  Just don't make others feel bad about themselves for not being like you.

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